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Tax calculator for canton Zug 2024: Navigate through the recent changes in the tax law of Zug

Tax calculator for canton Zug 2024: Navigate through the recent changes in the tax law of Zug

January 22, 2024
Tax calculator for the Canton of Zug from 2024

The canton of Zug is known for its attractive tax system. With the adoption of the new tax law at the end of 2023, the tax burden for natural and legal persons resident in Zug is further reduced. With the help of our tax calculator for 2024 and subsequent years, which we make available to you in this article, you can already get insights into the expected tax burden that the Cantonal Tax Administration of Zug will ask you to pay.

Please read our notes on how to use of the Zug tax calculator 2024 carefully to ensure that you have correctly calculated all deductions as well as your taxable income. For a general overview of Zug's tax landscape, we recommend reading this article, giving an overview on the types of taxes and levels of taxation in Switzerland.

The most important changes in the new tax package for Zug, valid from January 1, 2024

The most essential changes to the tax law concern the following points:

  1. Increase in tax-free allowances
  2. Increase in deductions for childcare
  3. Reduction of wealth tax rates
  4. Reduction of income tax rates

Tax-free allowances in Zug from 2024

The tax-free allowances for private individuals in Zug will double from 2024. After the allowances have remained largely unchanged for the past 20 years, it was decided that it is time for a significant increase in the tax-free allowances to remain competitive in this area. As a result, the assets of unmarried individuals are now only taxed after exceeding 200,000 CHF, the tax-free allowances of married couples grows to 400,000 CHF and 100,000 Swiss Francs per minor child remain tax-free.

Tax deductions for childcare in Zug from 2024

Due to its service-intensive nature, childcare has always been comparably very expensive in the canton of Zug and in Switzerland generally. According to a Study on the regional comparison of childcare costs by Credit Suisse in 2021, parents in Zug pay around 130 CHF per child per day. The new tax law significantly reduces these significant costs for parents. The maximum childcare deduction increases to 25,000 CHF per child per year. From 2024, up to 6,000 CHF in childcare deductions can be claimed per child up to 14 years of age. Furthermore, the general child deduction increases to 12,400 CHF, which also applies to adult children as long as they are still in education.

In total, from 2024, a maximum of 37,400 CHF per child can be deducted in the canton of Zug, significantly reducing tax load on parents.

Kinderabzüge, Vermögenssteuer, Einkommenssteuer Zug Steuerrechner

Wealth tax in Zug from 2024

From 2024, new wealth tax rates come into effect in Zug. After the tax-free allowance, the next 250,000 CHF of a person's assets will now be taxed at a tax rate of 0.425472‰ (0.00425%). The following 250,000 CHF with 0.850‰, the next 250,000 CHF with 1.275‰ and everything above that with a tax rate of 1.7‰ (0.017%).

Overall, the tax rate for calculating wealth taxes in Zug was therefore reduced linearly by 15% with effect from January 1, 2024.

Income tax in Zug from 2024

First of all, it is important to understand that income tax rates in Switzerland are progressive on the one hand and that they are taxed partly at federal level and partly at cantonal level. Accordingly, the changes here are somewhat less severe, as the new tax package only relates to the cantonal level of tax rates in Zug.

This table gives a good overview of the tax rate depending on the income level in Zug:

Tax rate for the… of single persons for the… of married couples
0,5% first 1,100 CHF first 2,200 CHF
1,0% further 2,200 CHF further 4,400 CHF
2,0% further 2,800 CHF further 5,600 CHF
3,0% further 3,800 CHF further 7,600 CHF
3.25% further 5,000 CHF further 10,000 CHF
3,5% further 5,600 CHF further 11,200 CHF
4,0% further 5,600 CHF further 11,200 CHF
4,5% further 7,800 CHF further 15,600 CHF
5,5% further 11,100 CHF further 22,200 CHF
5,5% further 12,900 CHF further 25,800 CHF
6,5% further 14,500 CHF further 29,000 CHF
8,0% further 19,500 CHF further 39,000 CHF
10,0% further 24,500 CHF further 49,000 CHF
9,0% further 28,900 CHF further 57,800 CHF
8,0% above 145,300 CHF above 290,600 CHF

Notes on using the Zug 2024 tax calculator

The Zug 2024 tax calculator takes into account the changes in the new tax law valid from this year. However, in order to make accurate calculations, you must consider the following.

  1. The tax calculator does not take church tax into account, which should be added according to the denomination to the calculated tax amount.
  2. The Zug 2024 tax calculator allows you to enter all possible deductions. However, you must determine these individually by yourself beforehand and enter them cumulatively in the appropriate field. Deductions for childcare, for example, can be entered here.
  3. The tax calculator calculates the tax burden based on the allowances and income of single, unmarried individuals.
  4. The tax calculator is based on your taxable income, which is not to be confused with gross income. Taxable income is derived from gross income after deduction of AHV costs, interest on debt, contributions to Pillar 3a, travel expenses for commuting to work and other items.

In general, the tax calculator below provides an approximate insight into the taxes to be expected for 2024 and subsequent years to the Zug tax office and should not be used as an exact calculation.  

Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator Zug 2024

* Please note that every field (possibly with “0”) must be completed. The tax calculator only accepts numbers as information, for example “100000” and not “100,000”).

** All information provided without guarantee, we are not liable for the results of the calculator and would like to point out that a tax advisor should be consulted for an accurate calculation of the taxes to be paid.

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